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What is Hard Drive Inspector?
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Version history


+ New feature

o Minor change

!! Bug fix

Version 1.3, build #840 March 14, 2005

+   a more realistic T.E.C. date prediction algorithm

o   The 'X' button minimizes to tray now. The only "Exit" menu exits the program.

!!   many errors corrected:

    - the program disabled window contents display on movement, despite global Windows user settings;

    - temperature meters in the tray stopped being updated after some time;

    - in "General Info" temperature graph link and label for the second hard disk disappeared after some time;

    - SMART were updated only once on program start-up, despite the request of updating once an hour

    - and others.

Version 1.2, build #825 February 23, 2005

+   Added Norwegian (Bokmel) language (thanks to Eddie Johansen).

Version 1.2, build #824 February 5, 2005

!!   fixed a serious error which may arise under Windows 95/98/ME with two messages: 1) "The ...\HDInspector.exe file appears to be corrupt. Reinstall the file, and then try again."; 2) "Windows cannot run this program because it is in an invalid format.".

Version 1.2, build #823 January 13, 2005

+   ability to operate with up to 32 hard disk drives on the Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 OS now (up to 4 disks before)

+   detection of HDD's arrival/removal in the hot-swapping mode

+   a new registration key system. Note: if you have already bought a license for Hard Drive Inspector, contact AltrixSoft Support Team for getting a new one.

o   the installation will not start until you have an administrative rights on the local computer. It also won't run if you doesn't have MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher installed.

Version 1.1, build #807 November 29, 2004

o   many internal procedures and algorithms improved.

Version 1.0, build #759 October 11, 2004

+    The first release.

Version 0.9, pre-release  November 17, 2003

+    many features added

!!    some major and a lot of minor bugs fixed

Version 0.2, first beta-version  December 25, 2002

The first beta-version.

Version 0.1, first alpha-version  January 7, 2002

The first alpha-version.