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User interface

 Multilingual user interface

Version 1.2 and higher Hard Drive Inspector support the multilingual user interface. Now all dialogs, menus, messages, tooltips, etc. have to be localized. You can choose a language in the Options dialog.

If you wish to help us to translate the user interface of Hard Drive Inspector to any language, you might the English.lng file as a basis, and translate it to the YourLanguage.lng one. In our turn, we promise to give a license of Hard Drive Inspector for FREE to you. Yet, before you begin to translate, just co-ordinate your intentions with us by e-mail, since the translation to this language might be already in process.

The mechanism of the multi-language user interface of HDD State Inspector is very simple and based on the lng-files stored in the Localization folder. These files consist of:

  • the comments are the lines started with the double-slash symbol (//)

  • the lines with the localized info started with a string identifier. Thereare one or more spaces or tabulation characters between the identifier and the text. There can be words starting with %-symbol in the text. These words are not translated and used for parameterization.

To begin the translation, just copy the English.lng file to the YourLanguage.lng one. Then translate the text located to the right from the identifiers. Try to keep the length of the translated text not exceeding the length of the English text more than half as much again.