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What is Hard Drive Inspector?
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User interface

 "General Info" View

The "General Info" view contains a common info about the hard disk drives. Information is grouped by HDD from top to down. There is a basic info about HDDs in the left part of the list control. It includes the following HDD's parameters:

  • name

  • location type

  • capacity in megabytes

  • free space on the logical disk of the HDD

  • work transfer mode (specification and transfer rate in megabytes per second)

In the right part of the window, HDD's statistics is displayed a predictable T.E.C. date. If the HDD has a thermal sensor, then you can see a current HDD temperature and the "view diagram" hyperlink. Click on it to see the HDD's temperature diagram in the real-time operation mode. The update speed depends on the option named "Check temperature every ...".

You also find an extra HDD info in the Advanced Info View.