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Chonograph Help

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About Chronograph
System Requirements
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Working with Chronograph
Main Window
System Tray
Chronograph Settings
"Window view" page
"Time server" page
"Proxy server" page
"Automation" page
How to order
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System Tray

If you select the Hide into system tray option, Chronograph will run in the System Tray and will not require any desktop space. However, you can easily access its main functions using a popup menu. Just right click on the tray icon to bring this menu up. Double clicking on the icon will open the main window.

  • The Synchronize menu item is a simple way to synchronize your local PC clock using Atomic Clock servers.
  • The Settings menu item displays the Settings dialog.
  • The Restore menu item shows the Chronograph main window.
  • Use the Help menu item to show program documentation.
  • To terminate the application use Exit.