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About Chronograph
System Requirements
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Working with Chronograph
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Chronograph Settings
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"Time server" page
"Proxy server" page
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How to order
Order Chronograph
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Order Chronograph

Minor upgrades (for example, from version 3.0 to any of 3.x) are free for our registered users. The cost of major upgrade is $11.95 (instead of the full $19.95 price.) If you are a registered user of previous version, please use this link to upgrade.

New users can register Chronograph at a cost of $19.95.

Select one of the following ways:

1. Through the World Wide Web. This is the fastest and easiest way. The ordering page is secure and your information remains confidential.


2. You can also order Chronograph by fax, mail or phone. Simply open this link and follow the instructions.

After payment approval (usually, in one business day), we will send you the registration key, which will remove all limitations of the unregistered version.

If you do not get your registration key within a reasonable time (two business days for credit card payments or two weeks for other payments), please notify us at We hope that there will be no inconvenience, caused by these delays.

Important: when completing the order form, please double-check that your e-mail address is correct. If it is not, you will be unable to receive the registration key.