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Chonograph Help

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About Chronograph
System Requirements
Revision History
Working with Chronograph
Main Window
System Tray
Chronograph Settings
"Window view" page
"Time server" page
"Proxy server" page
"Automation" page
How to order
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Main Window

Chronograph’s distinctive feature is its specifically designed convenient user-friendly interface. Here is the main window view:

  • The Local box shows the time, as reported by your computer.
  • The Server window shows the time reported by the Atomic Clock Server. Time and date formats can be customized by user.
  • The Difference box displays the difference between the two.
  • The Get button requests the time from the server. This time and the difference will be shown in the corresponding boxes.
  • The Adjust button will correct the PC clock.
  • The Settings button gives access to advanced options.
  • The Help button shows this documentation.
  • The About button displays a dialog box with program and author information.
  • The Minimize button does one of the following:
    1. If you have the Hide into system tray option selected, this button will hide the program main window and place its icon into the System Tray.
    2. 2. Otherwise this button will minimize Chronograph like any other Windows application.