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"Automation" page

Using Automation page settings, you can automate the time synchronization process, as well as customize your dial-up settings.

Chronograph supports thee synchronozation modes:

  1. Manual mode allows you to synchronize the clock whenever you wish. But in this case, Chronograph needs your assistance. Use Get and Adjust buttons to synchronize the time manually.
  2. For a periodical synchronization, you have to choose the Every h hours m mins option. Set your preferred update interval (in hours and minutes) in the appropriate boxes. The minimal allowed interval is 10 minutes.
  3. Wait for connection mode means that Chronograph will automatically synchronize the clock every time your computer establishes a dial-up connection.

Misc settings:

  • When the Synchronize after start box is checked, the clock will be synchronized every time Chronograph starts.
  • Check the Run at startup option, if you want Chronograph to start on every system reboot.
  • You can also use the Exit after synchronization option. It will remove Chronograph from the computer's memory after the clock synchronization.
  • If you have the Hide into system tray option selected, Chronograph hides the main window and places its icon into the System Tray.
  • Use Sound on success feature to enable or disable playing sound after the successful time adjustment.
  • Use Sound on errors feature to control sound playing, in case of synchronization errors.

Chronograph is able to establish a dial-up connection, if necessary.

  • When the Use dial-up option is disabled, you have to establish an Internet connection manually.
  • If the Use dial-up option is enabled, you should also specify a dial-up entry. All dial-up entries are displayed in the Dial-up entry dropdown list. Remember that selected dial-up entry has to have stored login/password information. Otherwise, Chronograph will not be able to connect to your Internet service provider.
  • The Number of tries control allows you to specify how many times Chronograph will try to establish a dial-up connection if the line is busy.
  • The Redial after box determines the time interval (in seconds) between connection tries.